Sinkholes in the News
Sometimes there's just no question about it. If you are a victim of a bedrock collapse sinkhole, even if it has only reached the outskirts of your property, you'll know. These collapse sinkholes are the ones that make the news. In a matter of hours or even minutes they can grow 40 to 60 feet deep and wide. Fortunately these collapse sinkholes are the rarest kind of sinkholes in Florida.

Unfortunately the far more common dissolution and subsidence sinkholes can be as ultimately catastrophic if they occur on your property. Though they are perfectly natural events that originate in the limestone bedrock we Floridians all live above and depend on for our fresh water, the unexpected frustrations they can cause in our lives are unpleasant and disruptive at best. When the ground you live on gives way it can be emotionally devastating to us human beings who are just never quite ready for the event.

This Website is dedicated to supporting home owners with sinkholes. The first thing you're going to have to do if you're a victim is to understand that you are now confronted with a series of questions and tests and expenses you have probably never thought about before. It's going to be (or already is) disruptive to your life and you are not going to like it. Once you accept that, this site can provide you with all the information including all the government contact information you need to survive a sinkhole.
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